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All Natural Dog & Cat Repellent 2LB Granular

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Product Overview

As much as you may love a dog or a cat, there are places where you may not want them to visit. Repel your favorite (or least favorite pet) with All Natural Dog & Cat Repellent. The repellent keeps pets and stray animals away from "forbidden" areas including furniture, treated areas of your yard, flower gardens, garbage cans and more. The blend of botanical and other oils safely and effectively lets pets know that certain areas are off limits.

Won't harm pets, but they won't like treated areas. Safe for your plants and family, environmentally safe & biodegradable.

Application Tips

Shake onto soil, mulch or other surfaces you wish to protect. Long-standing bad habits are harder to break so initial applications may need to be more frequent and heavier. Once habits are broken, reapply as needed to maintain avoidance, usually every 1-3 weeks.

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit; areas they have "visited" before are areas they will go to again. Follow these tips for best results:

  • When breaking habits of strays or neighbor pets, it's best to remove fecal matter prior to treating the affected area.
  • Established habits require heavier and more frequent applications. Apply as needed until desired level of control is achieved.
  • Once the animals are staying away, less frequent applications at regular intervals are recommended to maintain control.
  • Use together with Dog & Cat Repellent Liquid for ultimate control.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100