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All Natural Insect Control 32oz Trigger Spray

Item# IMG-IN32 · I Must Garden

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The all natural ingredients used in I Must Garden Insect Control are effective in repelling and killing parasitic insects on your plants. Proven botanical oils effective in controlling insects are used that make it safer for you to use both indoors and outdoors.

Certain oils are known to have natural insect killing attributes. By combining different oils into a unique mixture this formula provides superb control of insects in your garden our home.

I Must Garden Insect Control is a great alternative to the hazardous chemicals so commonly used. May be used on both indoor and outdoor plants to both repel and kill insects. It's all natural ingredients control aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, scales, leafhoppers and more. All natural and guaranteed.

  • Easy-to-use - Pleasant Scent
  • Long lasting and rain resistant
  • Family and pet friendly

When spraying infected plants, its important to spray where the bugs live, underneath the leaves. Concentrate your spraying on the undersides of the leaves and around the soil area for the most effective method of controlling insects.

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