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All Natural Squirrel Repellent 2-LB Granular

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Product Overview

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent is made up of a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and botanical oils. It comes with a convenient flip top that allows you to shake out the granules onto the areas you wish to protect.

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent works without harming any animals.

To keep squirrels from chewing or to refresh the granular formula use Squirrel Repellent liquid spray formula.

How It Works

I Must Garden All Natural Squirrel Repellent works so well because it contains many different substances that squirrels naturally do not like. The individual ingredients have repelling properties, but it is the unique combination of ingredients and our proprietary blending procedures, that result in a strong and yet harmless formula.

Many botanical oils and other natural products are used and all of the ingredients rigorously tested to create the most effective spray and granular repellents. It is primarily for use on plants and inorganic objects that squirrels often damage, and it will stick to an extensive variety of surfaces.

This granular repellent irritates squirrels’ nasal passages, which annoys them and discourages them from hanging around the treated areas. It also makes your plants and yard furniture taste unpleasant to them if they attempt to snack or gnaw on it.

Because it uses only all natural ingredients, it is not harmful for the environment and is a safe alternative to use around your pets and family.

Application Tips

To repel squirrels from digging in pots, planters and flowerbeds, generously sprinkle I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent onto the surface of the soil. Keep in mind, that it’s always easier to prevent an animal’s bad habit, than to break it so it is advisable to sprinkle the granules onto the soil as soon as planted.

Sprinkle I Must Garden Squirrel Repellent Granules around the base of trees to keep them away from destructive chewing on the tender bark of trees.

For further protection of the bark use the liquid formula as an additional protective measure.

Sprinkle I Must Garden Granular Squirrel Repellent generously over newly planted bulbs to discourage squirrels from digging up and eating your bulbs. Use in combination with our liquid formula, by dipping the bulbs before planting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100