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Arborfos Fungicide 5ml

Item# MAU-519C · Mauget

  • Arborfos Fungicide 5ml
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Not Available for Sale in New York state and Canada. Certain other restrictions may apply.

ArborFos is a unique new generation fungicide that works by triggering the trees natural defense system.

ArborFos rapidly improves root, stem and leaf growth as disease pressure is reduced. It is specially formulated fungicide that inhibits fungal growth through the stimulation of the tree’s own natural defense systems. It is a micro-injection treatment targeting Anthracnose, Bacteria Blight, Apple Scab and Fire Blight. While imparting no phosphorus nutrition, ArborFos rapidly augments new root, stem and leaf growth as disease pressure is lowered.

USAGE: A fungicide that is used on conifers, ornamental, forest and crop trees for diseases such as sudden oak death and antracnose.

The product will work to control: Anthracnose, Apple Scab, Armillaria Root Rot (Armillaria spp.), Bacterial Blight, Bud Fall, Collar Rot, Apple Scab, Fire blight, Sudden Oak Death, Foot Rot, Nut Fall, Phytophthora spp.

Dosage Per Diameter Measurement:

Measure the tree at chest height in inches. Measure the circumference, then divide this number by six (6) to determine the number of micro-injectors needed. If the number of micro-injectors results in a fraction, round down to the lower whole number.

Trees in advanced stages of insect infestation may not respond to treatment. The health, species of the tree and the environmental conditions will determine the rate of uptake.

Removal of Applicator:

Uptake in the tree usually occurs within several minutes. Micro-injector capsules may be temporarily rotated in place to see if any liquid is left. When empty, turn the capsules upside down for one minute before removal. It is important to remove micro-injectors promptly after treatment. Empty micro-injector capsules must not be left on the tree.


The package contains 24 Capsule and Micro Injectors of 5ml each.

Required to undertake treatment
(1) Portable electric drill
(2) 11/64 in. (0.4 cm) drill bit
(3) Optional soft headed mallet or hammer
(4) Tape measure
(5) Insertion tool (optional)

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