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New Augers, Weeders and Bulb Planters

17th Apr 2013

Due to high demand for our TreeHelp Soil Drill, we are adding 5 new similar products to help you auger into your soil, plant your bulbs and remove weeds - all designed to fit into a standard cordless … read more

New All-Natural Animal Repellents

25th Mar 2013

We have recently added a line of all-natural smell-based repellents from I Must Garden that are environmentally friendly, safe for family and pets - and very effective!  The line includes control … read more

Our Brand New Website!

27th Feb 2013

Welcome to the new!  We have updated the site to incorporate some important new security and usability features and are trying to make it easier for our customers to solve their tree … read more

After a Winter Storm

10th Feb 2013

Many areas were hit hard by severe snowstorms this weekend.  After you have taken care of your family and home, turn your attention to your trees and shrubs.  The weight of large amounts of … read more

free shipping on orders over $100