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Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs are brownish black bugs, about ½ inch in length, with small red stripes on their wings. They are common throughout North America and are most often identified because they tend to congregate or swarm when found in the garden or in the home.

It is very common for Boxelder Bugs to infest furniture, draperies, walls, walkways, and other objects inside and outside of the home. They are most common in areas where there are boxelder trees because the females lay their eggs in the bark of boxelders, but also in ash, maples, and fruit trees. The juvenile Boxelder bugs feed on new tender foliage and twigs and can place significant stress on young trees and plants. In the fall, the Boxelder bug is attracted to tree trunks, homes, and other buildings that offer dry protected areas for winter hibernation.

Recommended Control Steps

During the summer, spray with Bug Buster Pyrethrin Insect Spray and repeat the spraying every ten to fourteen days to achieve control. If the bugs are indoors on furniture, vacuum the bugs up and then empty and destroy the vacuum bag. If the Boxelder bugs are attacking indoor plants, spray every ten to fourteen days with Safer's End-All II Miticide & Insecticide.