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Millipedes often appear as small worms or caterpillars with thousands of legs, thereby earning them the nickname of thousand-legged worms. Millipedes can vary in length from about an inch to several inches long. A characteristic that can be used to identify millipedes easily is the curling or coiling shape they assume when they are touched or picked up. Millipedes are normally found in damp, cool, dark places, such as under rocks. In most situations, millipedes feed only on decaying matter, but, when they become very numerous and food sources are in short supply, they will begin to feed on small roots and seedlings. In large numbers, millipedes may need to be controlled to protect plants.

Recommended Steps to Control Millipedes

Millipedes only need to be controlled when large numbers of them become prevalent and they begin eating living seedling or plant roots. If this occurs, treat the area with Diatomaceous Earth and repeat as necessary, or spray the area with Bug Buster Pyrethrin Insect Spray and repeat as necessary.