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Jack Pine

Jack Pine Needles of Jack Pine Cones of a Jack Pine
Jack Pine
G. Lumis
Needles of Jack Pine
G. Lumis
Cones of a Jack Pine
G. Lumis

Scientific Name: Pinus banksiana

Hardiness Zones: 2 to 6 
Height: 40 ft
Spread: 30 ft
Form: irregular 
Type: narrow-leaved evergreen tree 
Annual Growth Rate: less than 12 inches 

Jack Pine is a hardy tree often used in conservation planting and on poor, sandy, windy sites. 

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'Broom' - A witch's broom selection with an irregular growth habit, dense foliage to the ground. 

'Uncle Fogy' - A weeping form with undulating branches. 


free shipping on orders over $100