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Jumbo Squirrel Resistant Hopper Feeder

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Product Overview

Our friends of flight are happy to flock to your trees when adorned with the Squirrel-X Jumbo Squirrel Resistant Hopper Bird Feeder. Making your birds feel safe and sound from pesky predators, your feathered friends easily slip inside our powder-coated metal design to feast upon scrumptious bird seed. The classic red color attracts many bird varieties and the four port design provides ample places for the birds to feast. The opening mechanism is specifically designed to deter squirrels from intruding, but is simple for bird caretakers, enthusiasts and hobbyists to open, fill and clean. Holding up to 7.2 pounds of bird seed, this is an ideal feeder for those who are busy, travel frequently or simply have many birds to feed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100