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Monterey Organic Ant Control, 1-LB Shaker Can

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Product Overview

Monterey Ant Control is a pelletized bait that contains iron phosphate and spinosad. It is specially formulated to control various ant species while also controlling earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs, pillbugs, crickets, snails and slugs. Treats 2000 sq ft.

Where can I use Monterey Ant Control?
It can be used around vegetables, fruit trees, citrus, berries, ornamentals, shrubs, flowers, trees, lawns, gardens, non-commercial greenhouses, and around the home. It is not to be used indoors.

How do I use Monterey Ant Control?
Scatter the bait on the soil at the rate of 1/2-1 lb per 1000 sq ft. Do not apply more than 3 times in a 30 day period. Re-apply after heavy rains or watering. On vegetables and fruit crops, don't apply within 3 days of harvest.

Is Monterey Ant Control Organic?
It is both OMRI listed, and NOP approved, so it can be used in organic gardening.

What Ants are controlled?
All ants except fire ants, harvester ants, pharaoh's ants and carpenter ants. We are working to get most of these added to the controlled list.

How is Monterey Ant Control packaged?
It comes in a 1 lb shaker can container


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100