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Blue Holly

Blue Holly, Ilex X meserve
Blue Holly
Michigan State University Extension

Scientific Name: Ilex X meserve

Hardiness Zones: 5 to 7 
Height: 8-12 ft
Spread: 8-12 ft
Form: rounded 
Type: broad-leaved evergreen shrub 
Annual Growth Rate: 12 to 18 inches 
Fruits: Red, yellow

The Blue Hollies are so named because the dark green foliage has a blue overcast. The bark on young twigs is purplish. Many male and female cultivars are available and both must be grown in order to obtain fruit production on the females. Although the plants are fairly hardy, foliage can still be injured during severe winters in northern areas. 

'Blue Boy' - A male form suitable for use as a pollinator. 

'Blue Girl' - A 15-foot tall female plant. 'Blue Prince' - A compact, pyramidal growth habit that 
reaches a height and spread of about 12 feet. Male. 

'Blue Princess' - Female with a broad upright habit and a 12 foot height and spread. Abundant red fruit. 

Ebony Magic TM - A pyramidal plant reaching a height of 15 feet and a spread of 8 feet. The branches have a bluish-black coloration. The fruits are orange-red. 

'Mesan' (Blue Stallion TM) - A very vigorous male cultivar reaching a height of 16 feet and a 12 foot spread. 

'Mesdob' (China Boy TM) - A vigorous, 10-foot, dense male cultivar. 

'Mesgolg' (Golden Girl TM) - A female cultivar producing yellow fruit and forming a broad pyramid 12- to 15 feet tall. 

'Mesid' (Blue Maid TM) - A female cultivar that forms a broad pyramid and reaches a height of about 12 feet. Heavy production of large red berries. 

'Mesog' (China Girl TM) - A female cultivar with a rounded form and abundant red fruit. 

'Mondo' (Little Rascal TM) - A dwarf reaching a height and spread of 5 feet. The foliage becomes purplish in cold weather. 

Provided by Michigan State University Extension