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Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure, 2PK

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Product Overview

What is Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure?
It is a trapping system using a sex pheromone to trap the male borer moth. You can then determine when to start your spray schedule to control the moths before they do damage to your trees or fruit.

Are other tree borers affected other than the peach tree borers?
Yes. It works on borers such as the dogwood borer, western and eastern lilac borer, rhododendron borer and many others.

How do I use the Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure?
Attach hanger. Pull the trap apart by the top and bottom flaps. Open the lure packet and place one lure on the inside upper surface of the trap. (Do not touch the lure.) Hang the trap in the tree 1–2 feet inside the tree canopy.

When do I start trapping?
Place traps in trees 1–2 weeks before bud break. Check every 2–3 days for trapped moths. Begin spray schedule when you start to see trapped moths. Dispose of traps when full of insects or at least every 3 months.

How is Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure packaged?
There are 2 complete traps and lures per box.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100