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Plantskydd Rabbits, Small Critters & Deer Organic Repellant 20lbs

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Product Overview

- Repells rabbits, voles, hares, chipmunks, squirrels, mountain beaver, nutria, possum and other small rodents

- Use to protect gardens, plants and trees

- 100% dried blood (porcine and/or bovine). No animal parts are used. Biodegrades and adds fertilizer to your soil.

- Coverage: 4,200 square feet

- Easy to apply – just sprinkle Granules liberally on ground

Save on this 20-pound bag compared to multiple 7-pound bags. *** Sprinkle these granules on the ground to protect your garden, plants and trees. (Note that this 20-lb. Easy-carry Bag is not a Shaker Bag like the 3- and 7-lb. bags). *** Ideal for deterring squirrels from digging up your container gardens. In addition to rabbits, Plantskydd Ready-to-Use Granules are an effective deterrent for voles, hares, chipmunks, mountain beaver, nutria, possum and other small rodents. *** 20 pounds covers approximately 12,000 square feet. Reapply as necessary. Very easy to apply – just sprinkle granules liberally so as to visibly cover the ground around your plants. Also, apply a 1-foot-wide perimeter strip surrounding the entire garden area. *** For deer, the Granules are effective to protect low-growing deer favorites (like pansies, hostas and lettuce) from browsing when temperatures are above freezing. For deer, apply more densely than for small critters. *** Made of bloodmeal so Plantskydd adds nutrients to your soil as it breaks down. Plantskydd's non-toxic, 100% organic formulation is biodegradable and will not harm pets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100