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24" Zip Weeder

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24" Zip Weeder

24" Long; Fits any Electric or Cordless Drill

How to Use:

  1. Use the Zip Weeder in moist soil for best results. Moist soil after a rain or watering allows more of the root to be removed.
  2. Secure the Zip Weeder into the drill chuck.
  3. Place the tool fork over the weed root and press down, forcing the fork into the soil around the weed root.\
  4. Start the drill motor and continue pressing down if more depth is needed. The Zip Weeder will wrap the weed around the fork and produce a plug of soil containing the root.
  5. With the drill still running, retract the Zip Weeder until it is out of the ground.
  6. Shut off the drill.
  7. While holding the drill in one hand, grasp the ejector with the other and push down. The weed will drop from between the forks. Additional passes can be made for stubborn weeds with deep roots.