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Aeroxon Barn & Stable Fly Catchers

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Aeroxon Barn & Stable Fly Catchers

These Barn & Stable will lure and catch more than 10,000 flies each - large trapping area 9.3 sq. feet. Ideal product for barns, stables, kennels and for any place where you want to control flying insects without using any insecticide. The 100% natural glue is very sticky and long lasting. Hanging cord is included.

Mode of action:
The special glue and the contrasts lure the flies to the glue surface where they are trapped.

Directions for use:

  1. IMPORTANT : Warm catcher before unrolling if temperature is under 70° F.
  2. Take Fly Catcher and rope out of box and remove rubber band.
  3. Tie one rope through each grommet end.
  4. Place two 3’’ nails/hooks high on a wall near the ceiling & about 10 feet apart.
  5. Tie one end to a nail/hook and slowly pull apart.
  6. When fully extended, tie the loose end to the other nail/hook.
  7. If glue threads hang down, flip catcher over to trap them. Blank spot in the middle of the Fly Catcher allows the glue to expand in shipping and storage.
  8. Do not hang in direct sunlight, drafts or in bird flight paths such as doors.
  9. When full of flies, wrap in newspaper and throw into garbage.
  10. If glue gets on your hands, clean up with vegetable oil.