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Seasonal Defense w/Barley, 12 x 1 oz.

SKU: AME-200114 BRAND: Pond Logic
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Seasonal Defense w/Barley, 12 x 1 oz.

Seasonal Defense has been formulated for the cooler months of the season. Seasonal Defense accelerates the decomposition of leaves, scum, and sediment that build up during the fall and winter months. In the spring, it replenishes winter bacteria loss, jump starts the filter and breaks down unwanted waste, making your pond water ready for a clean spring and summer. Activated barley keeps your pond clear. 100% Natural and safe for plants, fish, pets and wildlife. Treats up to a 5,000 gallon pond.

How to Apply:
Do Not open packets. Packets will dissolve when added to the pond water

When to Apply:
Seasonal Defense should be used in later autumn and early spring. Autumn applications should begin when water temperatures fall below 55 degrees. Spring applications should begin at pond startup or just after ice melt.