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Trap N Kill Roach Traps

SKU: WLT-ET4400-4 BRAND: Willert
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Trap N Kill Roach TrapsTrap N Kill Roach TrapsTrap N Kill Roach TrapsTrap N Kill Roach Traps

Enoz Roach Traps imitate a hiding space and use a food based bait to attract and trap unwanted cockroaches, waterbugs and palmetto bugs. Once on the sticky trap, the insects are unable to escape and are killed.

  • Pesticide free
  • Contains 6 extra large traps and bait
  • Place near baseboards, doorways and in room corners
  • Triangular design helps prevent children & pets from getting into the sticky trap

Instructions for Use:

Safe For Use In Food-Handling And Food Storage Areas.

  • Fold trap along score lines to form trap
  • Peel release paper to expose glue
  • Open bait packet and pour a thin line of bait down the center of sticky trap lengthwise, one bait per 2 traps. Do not touch the bait.
  • Refold trap and tuck flap in back