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TreeHelp Palm Potassium Supplement Spikes

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TreeHelp Palm Potassium Supplement Spikes

20% Potassium
7% Magnesium
16% Sulfur

TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes should be used to treat potassium deficiencies in your palm tree.

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency:
Potassium deficiency is characterized by yellow, orange or brown flecks and necrotic margins of older leaves. Withering ("frizzling") begins on these older leaves first. From a distance these leaves often appear brown or orange in color.  If deficiency is severe enough, new shoots will eventually be affected.  If unattended, the palm may die. Curing the potassium deficiency can lead to magnesium deficiency. To balance, potassium and magnesium should be applied together. Potassium deficiency is common in most species of palms in Florida.

Benefits of TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes:
Specially formulated to provide potassium in a way your palm tree can easily absorb, TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes will help bring your palm tree or sago back to health.  Once the deficiency has been treated, apply TreeHelp Palm Tree Maintenance Spikes. The spikes can be used for established palms, newly planted palms and potted palms.

  • Long-lasting
    TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes are slow-release and last for up to 12 months
  • High Quality
    TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes have met the highest standards in terms of both raw materials and manufacturing.  Most importantly, they have been specifically developed for use on palm trees
  • Easy to Use
    Just hammer TreeHelp Palm Tree Potassium Spikes into the ground around the tree and water.  Alternatively, use the TreeHelp Soil Drill to create holes in the soil and insert the spikes. This has the advantage of increasing soil aeration and is easier to apply.


How many spikes do I need?*
Palm Diameter
6 inches
(18 inches)
8 inches
(24 inches)
12 inches
(36 inches)
16 inches
(48 inches)
18 inches
(54 inches)
Recommended # of Spikes** 2 4 6 8 10


* Most potted palms require only one or two spikes.
** The number of spikes will vary according to the severity of the deficiency.