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Rapitest Water Check Strips

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Product Overview

3 Water Check strips.
No batteries required.

A convenient way to keep tabs on the watering needs of your plants. Leave-in test strips constantly measure moisture levels in pots and planters, instantly telling you when to water. Ideal for all kinds of plants, in any size container. Use one per container.

Why Should You Test Moisture?
One of the most common problems for experienced and novice gardeners alike is providing the correct amount of moisture to the soil. Damage from overwatering is often difficult to remedy after the fact. Knowing how much moisture your plants are getting help you get better results from your gardening efforts.

How Do Rapitest Water Check Strips Work?
Simply push the pointed end of the Water Check into the soil about midway between the stem and the edge of the pot, then water thoroughly. In a few minutes, the indicator strip will change from white to green. Then simply leave the strip in the soil. As the soil dries out, the indicator strip will become blotchy as it changes from green to white. When it changes to white, plants should be watered.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100