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Slippery Elm

Ulmus rubra

The slippery elm The winter form of a slippery elm Twig of slippery elm
The slippery elm
G. Lumis
The winter form of a slippery elm
G. Lumis
Twig of slippery elm
G. Lumis

Height  40m (132')

Leaves 15-20cm (6-8")

The Slippery or Red elm is rather uncommon and lives mainly in the eastern half of the US and southern Ontario and Quebec.  The crown is umbrella-shaped with a high canopy and the leaves are quite rough to the touch.

Slippery elm is vulnerable to many of the same of the diseases as American elm including Dutch elm disease and, as a result, rarely reach full maturity.

This tree has also been an important component of herbal medicine for more than a century.  Native Americans and early settlers used the dried inner portion of the bark to soothe irritated stomachs and to heal wounds.