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SunJet 150 Solar-Powered Water Pump and Solar Panel for Bird Baths

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Product Overview

  • Mini water pump powered by solar energy
  • Operates in direct sunlight
  • Powered by a separate solar panel (supplied)
  • Low voltage water pump with filter
  • Includes: 4 different fountain heads for varied spray patterns
  • 3 choices for set up: submerge, attach to smooth surface with suction cups, or float
  • Water flow capacity up to 40 Gal/Hr
  • No operating costs

Sunjet 150 solar powered pump used for small applications with statuary basins or fountains and only operates in direct sunlight.

Turn that stagnant bird bath into a cascading bird sanctuary with the SunJet solar-powered water pump. The kit includes a low voltage pump with filter and three different spray heads for creating fountains up to 10 inches high. The pump operates in full sunlight, and pumps 40 gallons per hour without adding a cent to your power bill! The included solar panel measures 7-3/4 by 3-1/2 by 2 inches and comes with a 16-1/2 foot connection cable, so it's easy to tuck away in the side-yard or mount up high on the garage. Easy to install, the SunJet is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100