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The Preserve Wild Bird Feeder

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Product Overview

  • Features a decorative metal top, feeding ports, perches and holds up to 3 lbs. of seed
  • Patented, diamond-shaped barrier allows birds in and keeps squirrels out
  • Clear, shatter-proof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels

Feeding the birds can sometimes seem like a losing battle when squirrels abound. Those bushy-tailed critters just seem to overcome every measure you take. But with the Birdscapes The Preserve Bird Feeder you can outwit persistent squirrels and ensure seed is reserved for the birds. The squirrel resistant design is centered on a metal cage barrier. The barrier’s diamond shaped pattern is large enough to allow birds to enter, while being much too small for squirrels. The metal cage, cap and base prevent squirrels from chewing through to gain access to seed.

In addition to its unique squirrel resistant features, this feeder also boasts a 3 lb seed capacity, which is sure to keep your hungry backyard birds in good supply. Plus, the clear, shatter-resistant plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels so you never run out. Four feeding ports with perches allow multiple birds to dine at the same time. To prevent messes below your feeding stations, The Preserve Bird Feeder has a wide tray base to catch


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100