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Trap N Kill Mosquito Refills

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Product Overview

Trap-N-Kill Mosquito Refills (Model TK71016) are designed to be used with Trap-N-Kill Reusable Outdoor Mosquito Traps (Model TK71015). The package contains three pesticide strips, three red velour landing strips, and three cable ties--everything you need to reset your mosquito trap.

The pesticide strips contain a micro-dose pesticide that effectively kills a wide range of Aedes mosquitoes that may carry diseases such as the West Nile Virus, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya. Mosquitoes, eggs, and larvae die shortly after exposure to the vapor-released pesticide. Replace the pesticide strips after 45 days. Made in the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100