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TreeHelp Annual Care Kit

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Product Overview

TreeHelp developed easy-to-use Annual Care Kits to help homeowners maintain healthy and vibrant trees.

TreeHelp Annual Care Kits provide health supplements that are specific and appropriate to the type of tree that you care for. The supplements are designed to promote root-development which will have a lasting effect on the long-term health of your trees. Root development is vital for a tree because it gives the tree a reserve of strength and vitality that will help it survive through periods of drought, nutrient deficiency, insect infestation or disease. Too many fertilizers and other soil additives on the market focus on immediate impact - like "candy for trees". Our soil treatments, on the other hand, provide nutrients and organic elements that will help your tree today and for many years to come.

Some of our more popular kits include:

Contains 5 Complete Fertilizer spikes with high amounts of Manganese, Magnesium and Potassium, crucial to palm tree health.

Contains specialized citrus fertilizer spikes loaded with micronutrients to improve tree health and fruit production

Birch trees are vulnerable to devastating insects such as Bronze Birch Borer.  The Birch Kit is designed to promote stronger growth that helps make your tree less susceptible.

Customized kits are also available for over 80 other types of trees.

Having the right composition of minerals and organic material is extremely important in maintaining tree health. As a result, all of our kits are "custom-built" with specially selected components to suit a particular tree type. For example, the mycorrhizal fungi that benefits an oak tree will have no effect on a maple. And the fertilizer recommended for use on a pine would not be ideal for an elm. With our custom care kits, you can be certain you are applying the right treatments to your trees.

Step 1: Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi is a relatively new soil treatment for trees. Co-existing with trees and plants in nature for hundreds of millions of years, these beneficial fungi provide a "safety net" for the tree in times of stress. By colonizing the roots and extending themselves further into the soil, the fungi enable the tree to take in more nutrients and moisture. The result is a healthier, more robust tree better capable of withstanding the many stressful conditions that exist in an urban environment.

Because trees are often transplanted into non-native soils, and because urban soils have often been damaged by pollution and compaction, it is essential to re-introduce mycorrhizal fungi to the soil. Our custom care kits match the correct type of mycorrhizal fungi with specific types of trees.

Step 2: Fertilizer

Fertilizer will always be an important component of a comprehensive tree care program. But it must be done properly. Nutrient balances are difficult to achieve and improper fertilization can have drastically poor effects on trees. All too often, trees are fertilized with Nitrogen-rich, quick-release fertilizers. Not only does this have the potential of 'burning' the soil around the roots, it can also promote structurally weak growth that can attract insects and disease. Our fertilizers, on the other hand, slowly release a carefully measured balance of nutrients into the soil for a constant feeding that provides more long-lasting benefit to your tree.

The fertilizers that are included in our custom care kits have been specially selected to provide maximum benefit to a particular type of tree. The formulations are often very different from species to species and target different biological structures. The result will be a healthier, more vital tree.

Step 3: Biostimulant

TreeHelp Biostimulant is a dry, water-soluble root growth stimulant containing beneficial components to give your plants a health boost. It provides benefits to all types of trees, shrubs, and other garden plants. It is designed to promote root and lateral bud development, improve the efficiency of a plant's respiratory and photosynthetic systems and delay the aging process in plant tissue. The unique composition of ingredients includes beneficial bacteria as well as humic acid extracts, pathogen-fighting fungi, soluble sea kelp, yucca plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins. The beneficial bacteria fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus and promote growth.


(22 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by bud888 on 28th Sep 2013

    The kits work very well at keeping trees healthy and beautiful! I would definitely recommend it!

  • 4
    Good But Pricey

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2013

    I have used this many times and it works but this kit is a little on the pricey side. Probably should be priced around $20.

  • 5
    works wonders

    Posted by Diane on 23rd Jun 2013

    I have used the dogwood treatment kit for three years and it has done wonders for my trees.

  • 5
    Cypress Tree Growing Like Crazy

    Posted by Mary Langevin on 8th Jun 2013

    We planted a weeping cypress last spring 2012 and it nearly died because of the heat wave we had all summer. It came around in the fall, so this spring I really wanted to give it a boost - it is growing like crazy! People even comment on how beautiful it looks!

  • 5
    Does a wonderful job on our Birch and Blue Spruces

    Posted by Roy G. Herman on 3rd Jun 2013

    We used the Birch kit last year and the tree had a terrific response. We are using it again this year and thus far the tree is healthy with a significant amount of new growth and healthy leaves. We are using the Spruce kit for the first time on these newly transplanted trees...they are 6 ft tall and were planted last Fall. New growth is beginningto show on both trees after applying your recommended treatment.

  • 5
    Maple Tree has not looked this good in years. Maple wilt is looking less and less.

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2013

    I have applied the annual care kit to my Maple tree 3 years running and every year it looks better and healthier. The Maple wilt seems to have stopped and new shoots and branches filling in again. Thank you so much.

  • 5
    Great investment for your decorative palms

    Posted by Mark Kozlowski on 5th May 2013

    Palms seem to
    Like the slow release feeding.

  • 5
    Avocado tree goes from producing 80 avocados per year to 300

    Posted by John S. Roden on 16th Apr 2013

    Your avocado tree packet of mychorrizal, fertilizer pellets, and biostimulant did amazing things for my avocado tree. My tree produced so many avocados this year after using the packet last year that I had to ship boxes of 20 all over the country to friends and give the same amount to some neighbors here in Riverside. I still have around 100 left. The only other thing I did differently was to add sprayer heads around the drip line so that the nutrients would get to the edge of the new roots. This was a truly remarkable year. Thank you so much for your great products.

  • 5
    2nd year

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2013

    I saw amazing progress with my sugar maples after 1st year application with this products(3). hoping for more of the same this year. shade is a coming!!!!!


free shipping on orders over $100