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TreeHelp Deep Water, 8oz.

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Product Overview

TreeHelp Deep Water is a concentrated liquid wetting agent that helps to increase drainage and moisture absorption in poorly drained and compacted soils. It represents an effective way to improve the water penetration characteristics of most clay soils.

When you water your plants, just add a little TreeHelp Deep Water to the mix at a ratio of about 1 part Deep Water to 1000 parts water. (For example, you may use half a teaspoon when watering a large tree.) It is made of a concentrated blend of biodegradable, non-toxic surfactants that improve the water-related characteristics of your soil.

TreeHelp Deep Water can help breakdown clay soils to better allow roots of newly planted trees to expand beyond the planting hole. And by improving drainage in the root zone, it can also prevent water from pooling around the roots which is a common cause of root rot and dieback.

TreeHelp Deep Water:

  • helps break down and loosen compacted, dry, hard-pan soils allowing the absorption of water with less runoff and increasing aeration
  • reduces evaporation and reduces excess water in the root zone by allowing deeper moisture penetration
  • decreases erosion and increases retention of valuable topsoil
  • inhibits dust formation


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100