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Urban Nature Store Window Jelly Feeder

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Product Overview

  • Window Jelly Feeder Brings the Birds Up Close
  • Bright Orange Attracts Orioles
  • Made Out of 100% Recycled Poly Lumber Guaranteed Not to Crack, Split, or Fade
  • Hand-Made in Southern Indiana!
  • High Quality Suction Cups Keep Feeder Mounted in All Weather

100% Poly Lumber Material is guarunteed not to crack, split, or fade. The beautiful vibrant orange attracts Orioles. Stainless steel screws used. 2 UV protected suction cups. 1 removable Jelly Jar is included for easy cleaning. Great feeder to stick on a window to watch all the feathered friends feed from this feeder. Wonderful way to watch Orioles for your viewing pleasure. May also use with seed or mealworms. Dimensions 5x3.5x5.5 Specifications Width 5 in. Height 3.5 in. Deep 5 in. Capacity½ cup jelly Construction Recycled Poly Lumber Mounting Suction cups, provided Birds That Would Use This Feeder Orioles Seed or Feed Options Jelly, mealworms or premium seed mix Origin Country.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

free shipping on orders over $100