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The Gardener's Bug Book

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The Gardener's Bug Book

Barbara Pleasant
152 Pages

Make Your Garden a No-Pest Zone!

Use The Gardener's Bug Book - the health-conscious gardener's guide to safely controlling garden pests.  Author Barbara Pleasant shows you how to work with nature to reduce garden pests while producing bountiful, environmentally safe, and chemical-free harvests.

The Gardener's Bug Book includes:

  • descriptions of more than 70 common garden insects

  • tips for telling the good bugs from the bad bugs

  • a convenient guide to the pests found on 72 common vegetables and fruits

  • clear illustrations and behavior hints for identifying each insect

  • dozens of easy formulas for making natural pest-fighting preparations

  • instructions for using commercially-available pest controls, including floating row covers, traps, and parasitic insects

About the Author
Award-winning author Barbara Pleasant has written three books including Warm-Climate Gardening (Garden Way Publishing).  She writes for newspapers and several magazines including GreenPrints, Organic Gardening, and Country Journal.  She lives in Huntsville Alabama.