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Welcome to!  We hope you find it a helpful and informative source for all your tree and shrub care needs. is the result of extensive work by a dedicated group of tree and shrub care professionals, enthusiasts and gardeners. 

We have compiled and developed a large collection of articles, how-to instruction guides, photographs, diagrams and informational tools to assist homeowners in properly and proactively caring for their trees and shrubs. 

The trees and shrubs that make up our urban forests are vitally important to our existence, our quality of life and the aesthetic appearance of the environments in which we live. Could you imagine living in a town where there were no trees or shrubs? It is a bleak thought. 

Unfortunately, our urban forests are facing growing risks and challenges which place more stresses on our trees and shrubs and increase the necessity for help and care from humans. Urban trees and shrubs differ from their counterparts living in natural forests because urban trees are adversely affected by pollution, poor quality soil, city structures, unnatural soil compaction and lack of moisture, to mention just a few new challenges.

Since urban trees and shrubs now face new and growing problems, in order to keep them healthy we must provide them with a level of care, help and nurturing which they have not previously required in the natural forest. was developed to provide caring people with the tools and information they need to help and preserve our woody friends.

At we take an approach of trying to help trees and shrubs stay healthy, rather than just repairing damage or treating diseases after the fact. Sometimes we do need to treat a disease, but often a tree or shrub that receives a caring and preventative "whole health" approach to wellness, can better resist the onset of a disease, be less attractant to an insect attack or be able to recover faster from a disease or injury. Trees and shrubs are just like humans in this respect.  It is better to stay healthy than to constantly treat illnesses. At we have compiled a wide range of information not only on tree and shrub disease, but also information on "how to" preserve the health of a mature tree, strengthen a weak or stressed tree or shrub and how to begin properly caring for a new seedling from day one.

Through a concerted and caring effort, we can help our green companions live long and healthy lives in our towns and cities. We hope you share our goal and commitment to protecting our valuable, but vulnerable urban trees and shrubs.

At we are constantly changing and improving our web site by adding more information, ensuring existing information is easier to find and making your visit to more productive and enjoyable. To do so we very much appreciate hearing from you, both what you like, as well as where we need to improve. Please take a moment and let us know how you feel. Your thoughts and suggestions are very important to us.

Once again, welcome to and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Sincerely, Paul Oliver

Founder of