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Mistletoe, Dwarf

Dwarf mistletoe is a parasitic plant that can infest many evergreen trees. Dwarf Mistletoe lacks a normal roots system and so relies on the host tree to supply most of its nutrients. In the summer, dwarf mistletoe spreads by discarding sticky seeds that can travel as much as 50 feet to neighboring trees. The following spring the seeds begin to germinate and root-like structures begin to penetrate the tree’s bark. The mistletoe begins to suck nutrients from the tree causing branch die-back, yellowing, swelling of some branches and the appearance of cankers.

Recommended Steps to Control Dwarf Mistletoe:

Heavily infested branches should be pruned off. Smaller infestations can be physically removed from the branches. The spread of dwarf mistletoe can be achieved through the use of Florel Growth Regulator as a foliar spray on the tree. Treat any mistletoe re-growth with Florel before seed dispersal in mid-summer.