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How to Prune a Tree
Pruning can be extremely helpful if done right and extremely harmful if done wrong.  It is vital to understand the proper way to prune - from timing to tools to trimming.
How to Plant a Tree
The most crucial time in a tree's life is the beginning.  Learn the proper way to plant a tree to ensure your tree has a long and healthy life.
How to Fertilize a Tree
Learn the ins and outs of tree fertilization - including what type to use and how to apply it..

Other Articles

How to control deer in your yard & garden NEW
Learn how to identify deer damage in your garden and what you can do to prevent it from happening.
How to grow a tree from seed
Learn how to grow trees and shrubs from seed including pre-germination treatments, sowing, labeling, growing and repotting.
How to choose a tree
Deciding what tree to plant is a decision with long-term effects.  Learn how to make the right choice for your landscape.
How to find my hardiness zone
Want to find out what will grow in your yard?  You'll need to know your hardiness zone.  Be careful, though, as Canadian and US Zones are slightly different.
How to propagate nuts and fruits from seed
This article, provided by the Oklahoma Extension Service, offers some basic information to help you turn that tiny seed into a fruit-bearing giant.
How to remove a tree
Cutting down a tree is not as easy - nor as safe - as many people believe.  Learn what you need to know before you remove a tree.
How to winterize shrubs
Because aesthetics often play a larger role than habitat suitability in shrub selection, winterizing your shrubs is an important step in keeping them healthy and beautiful year after year.
How to Care for Trees in Winter
The storms, ice and rapid temperature fluctuations above and below zero characteristic of winter weather take their toll on trees across northern North America.  However, there are things that you can do to minimize the damage caused by the stresses of winter.
How to Prevent Construction Damage
It takes many years for a tree to grow to maturity.  All too frequently, however, the trees that make a site attractive are damaged during construction. Trees may decline and die soon after construction work is finished. The homeowner then faces the cost of tree removal in addition to the expense and time needed to grow replacement trees. Learn how to prevent this from happening.
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