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How to Remove a Tree from Bluff Property

Remove a Tree from Bluff Property

Homes built on bluff property are highly prized by their owners as the view from such a site is spectacular. The most common complaint of a bluff home owner is that the view is being obstructed by trees.

If this is your primary reason for tree removal, you should we aware that you have more concerns to deal with on this type of property than any other. The major concerns are:

1. Erosion : trees on your bluff property help keep erosion at bay and, in turn, stabilize the slope. Concerns of erosion have been addressed in research and the over-whelming conclusion is that well-rooted, mature trees do help to stabilize the slope.

2. Slope Failure : removing a series of trees on a slope/bluff can greatly increase the probability of a slope failure in the future as the tree roots decompose and their soil-binding capacity declines.

The only time that mature trees should be removed from this type of site is when the tree has died or the weight of a large tree leaning downwards can potentially uproot, fall and possibly cause a landslide. Removal of these trees is very difficult and should not be attempted by the homeowner. 

The best solution to obtain a good view would be to severely thin out the existing trees in the areas that are bothersome to you. It is possible for the homeowner to thin out young trees (5-10 years) by removing offending branches and still maintain a stable slope and an acceptable view. By using a handsaw and even sharp shears control of growth can be maintained.