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Products for Citrus Trees

Citrus trees have special requirements that cannot be met with standard lawn and garden products.  Citrus trees require a blend of macro- and micronutrients that simply are not included in most standard fertilizers.

With this in mind, we have put together an offering of targeted citrus tree care products such as our TreeHelp Annual Care Kits for Citrus Trees. All of the products on this page have been specially selected to provide maximum benefit to your citrus tree while avoiding many of potentially harmful results that can occur when using improper products.  Specifically, these products all promote root development and other "behind-the-scenes" systems which are very important to overall citrus tree health.

Why Is Root Development So Important?

A strong, robust root system is the foundation of a tree, both physically and physiologically.  It offers structural support and a means for the tree to access nutrients and moisture in the surrounding soil.  And due to the extreme cold vulnerability of citrus trees, it is that much more important to ensure that your tree is healthy.

Many fertilizers on the market contain high amounts of quick-release Nitrogen which can burn the roots and make the tree more vulnerable to insect and disease damage as well as freeze damage.

TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Tablets, on the other hand, are designed to very slowly release much smaller quantities of Nitrogen into the soil while providing more of the other nutrients that the tree requires.  Our other customized soil treatments (TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment for Citrus and TreeHelp Biostimulant) also promote the development and strengthening of the root system.

All three of these soil treatments are also included in TreeHelp Annual Care Kits for Citrus (see above) and are applied on a schedule for maximum effect.  Click on a product for detailed information or to order through our online store.