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TreeHelp Complete Citrus Spikes

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TreeHelp Complete Citrus Spikes

8-4-8 Spike with 13% Sulfur

Originally designed for the commercial citrus industry, TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Spikes have been formulated to provide all types of citrus trees with the mineral nutrients they require to thrive and produce larger and better fruit.

Quality fertilizer is also important in promoting the general health and vitality of your tree. TreeHelp Citrus Fertilizer Spikes will help your citrus tree overcome nutrient deficiencies, build stronger roots, limbs and foliage, and as a result enhance the tree's ability to withstand the onset of diseases and other ailments as well as freeze damage.

When placed underground near the feeder roots of your tree, the spikes release their nutrients where the tree can best use them. Special binders ensure that the fertilizer dissolves slowly and safely. In fact, TreeHelp Citrus Fertilizer Spikes are designed to feed your tree for up to a full year.

Because they release their nutrients slowly, TreeHelp Citrus Fertilizer Spikes can be safely applied all year round, although ideally the application should be done in early spring.

And they cannot wash away like surface applications. Over two-thirds of granular fertilizer broadcast on the surface is washed away after 10 inches of water (rain and irrigation). When you consider that many citrus-growing areas receive upwards of 60-70 inches of water a year, it becomes evident that it takes many applications of a surface granular fertilizer to achieve the same results as one application of TreeHelp Citrus Fertilizer Spikes.


  • Made for Citrus Trees
    These spikes were designed and formulated specifically for use on citrus trees. They contain all of the important macro- and micronutrients citrus trees need including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc & Boron.

  • Long-lasting
    TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Spikes last for up to 12 months. Because citrus trees often live in sandy soils, nutrients tend to quickly leach away. TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Spikes provide a constant supply of the nutrients citrus trees need.

  • High Quality
    TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Spikes have met the highest standards in terms of both raw materials and manufacturing. Most importantly, they have been specifically developed for use on citrus trees.

  • Easy to Use
    Just hammer TreeHelp Complete Citrus Fertilizer Spikes into the ground around the tree and water. Alternatively, use an auger such as the TreeHelp Soil Drill to create holes in the soil and insert the spikes. This has the advantage of increasing soil aeration and is easier to apply.

How many spikes do I need?*

Tree Diameter

6 inches
(18 inches)

8 inches
(24 inches)

12 inches
(36 inches)

16 inches
(48 inches)

18 inches
(54 inches)

Recommended # of Spikes**






* Most potted trees require only one or two spikes.  
** If the tree is obviously stressed, you may want to apply more spikes.