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Locusts are large dark-bodied insects that are up to one and a half inches long, with transparent wings. The presence of Locusts is often identified by the loud, strong sounds made by the male cicadas. Damage is done by the Locust in three ways 1) adults chew into and suck sap from young twigs; 2) the juvenile cicadas live on or in the soil and chew and suck sap from a tree’s roots, thus placing significant stress on the tree; and 3) the most damaging is when the females burrow into branches to lay eggs. When laying eggs, the female Locust will make dozens of holes into the tree to lay the eggs, with each of the dozens or even hundreds of holes disrupting the tree’s vascular system. In some cases, they make so many holes that the branch will break.

Recommended Steps to Control Locusts

At the first sign of the male singing, spray the tree with Borer-Miner Killer spray. Repeat the spray after seven days and continue as necessary. Cutoff and destroy any branches that are severely infested with egg holes.