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Leaf Scorch

Leaf scorch is a common problem for many broad-leaf trees such as maples, oaks and elms during periods of hot dry weather. This is most often seen during the months of July and August. The visual symptom of leaf scorch is the browning of the tree leaves from the edges of the leaves inwards. The browning is generally spread throughout the canopy, unlike verticillum wilt which is more spotty and located only on certain branches.

To prevent leaf scorch ensure the tree receives adequate water by undertaking regular deep root watering for the tree. The easiest way to give a large tree a deep root watering is to place either a sprinkler or a soaker hose over the tree's drip line and let it run for about 2 hours, ensuring lots of water penetrates the soil. Applying the TreeHelp Biostimulant as part of the watering program will help promote root growth and increase a tree’s ability to collect water through its roots.