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Green Peach Aphids

Green peach aphids are the most common aphid in North America and are present in almost every region. The yellowish-green aphid with tiny red eyes can often be seen on fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamental trees. In most areas, the Green Peach Aphid lays small black shiny eggs on peach, cherry, and other fruit trees. The eggs over-winter on the fruit tree and hatch in the following spring. Over the spring and summer, two or three generations of aphids can develop. As the aphids develop, they begin to migrate to other plants and trees to continue the feeding process. The Green Peach Aphids seldom damage their host fruit tree, but can be very harmful to other plants and trees, as they suck sap from them, as well as act as a carrier for plant diseases.

Recommended Steps to Control Green Peach Aphids

To prevent over-wintering on fruit trees, in the fall and early spring before the leaves form, spray the tree with Horticultural Oil Insect Spray. During the growing season and at the first sign of aphids, spray trees and plants with Take Down Garden Spray, which will help control both the adults and juveniles.