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Mistletoe, Leafy

Leafy mistletoe appears on trees as a rich green leafy plant which can grow to 4 to 5 feet in size. Leafy Mistletoe is most obvious during the winter when trees naturally lose their leaves, and the mistletoe cluster becomes more evident. Leafy Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that relies on the host tree for its nutrients and moisture, This places a significant amount of stress on the host tree and can cause die-back on braches that are infected. In cases of heavy infestation it can also cause death for the host tree.

How to control Leafy Mistletoe:

To control leafy mistletoe, heavily infested branches should be pruned. The pruning should occur about 18 inches below the point of mistletoe attachment. The spread of leafy mistletoe can be achieved by through the use of Florel Growth Regulator as a foliar spray on the tree. The tree should be sprayed in the fall after leaf drop or in the spring before leaf out