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TreeHelp Annual Care Kits

TreeHelp developed easy-to-use Annual Care Kits to help homeowners maintain healthy and vibrant trees. They include soil treatments that provide nutrients and organic elements that will help your tree today and for many years to come.

Three different treatments make up the Annual Care Kit:

  • TreeHelp Mycorrhizal Treatment
  • TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer
  • TreeHelp Biostimulant

The kit will provide your trees with the correct fertilizer and micro-organisms to keep it thriving for many years. It can help trees that have suffered from disease or insect infestation and environmental stress such as drought or physical damage.

Having the right composition of minerals and organic material is extremely important in maintaining tree health. As a result, all of our kits are "custom-built" with specially selected components to suit a particular tree type. For example, the mycorrhizal fungi that benefits an oak tree will have no effect on a maple. And the fertilizer recommended for use on a pine would not be ideal for an elm. With our custom care kits, you can be certain you are applying the right treatments to your trees.

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