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TreeHelp Palm Tree Brace

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TreeHelp Palm Tree Brace

TreeHelp Palm Tree Brace represents a fast, easy and effective way to brace newly transplanted palm trees and to prevent damage to palm trees in severe wind storms.  Whether you are a landscaper who plants hundreds of palms a year or a homeowner with a new tree in your yard, TreeHelp Palm Tree Brace is a cost-effective solution when planting, transplanting or bracing for a hurricane.

TreeHelp Palm Tree Brace consists of three pre-formed wooden blocks, and two specially designed 4-ft adjustable straps.  The wood blocks have a special grip batten that easily accepts standard 2x4's* as they lock the ground supports into place.  The 2x4's can be nailed or screwed into place and the entire system can be reused 2 or 3 times.

The burlap padding on the batten protects the stem of the palm from damage and because the padding only covers the batten, there is no excess material that can collect moisture.  This means a greatly reduced risk of fungus, disease, trunk discoloration, and ant nests.

The nylon straps can be adjusted as the stem grows, and are extremely strong (900lb. tensile rating).  The tension buckles do not rust.

Best of all, set up is a snap.  

* 2x4's not included