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Bacterial Blight

Bacterial Blight causes brown leaf spots (often surrounded by yellow areas) and rapid browning of young shoots. Newer growth is normally more severely infected. Bacterial Blight can attack a wide range of trees and is most aggressive during mild, moist growing conditions. Stress and other injuries that weaken a tree can increase the tree’s susceptibility to Bacterial Blight. Examples include improper pruning wounds, frost damage, lack of nutrients (lack of proper fertilizing), other diseases, insect attacks or other physical injuries to the tree’s bark.

Bacterial Blight is caused by bacteria which is spread by the wind, rain, insects or pruning tools that are not properly sanitized.

Recommended Steps to Control Bacterial Blight

To prevent the onset of Bacterial Blight, ensure proper spacing when trees are planted. For trees with dense foliage, prune where necessary to ensure proper air circulation and be sure to sanitize the pruning tools after each branch with a mixture of 1 part bleach and 5 parts water. Properly fertilize the tree with a TreeHelp Annual Care Kit to maintain strong healthy growth.

In the spring when conditions are favorable to the spread of Bacterial Blight, spray the tree with Liquid Copper Fungicide Spray as a preventative treatment. If the tree becomes infected with Bacterial Blight, spray the tree with Monterey Complete Disease Control and repeat spraying every 14 to 21 days as necessary.