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Liquid Copper Fungicide Spray

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Liquid Copper Fungicide Spray

1 Pint Liquid Concentrate (treats at least 5-6 large trees)

Liquid Copper Fungicide Spray is a key tool in disease prevention and treatment on a large variety of trees. It effectively controls diseases such as anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, fireblight, and botrytis among many others. It is also an effective method of preventing and treating cold damage in palm trees and can provide protection against light frosts in many plants.


How Is It Applied?
Using either a hose-end sprayer or pressurized hand sprayer, apply at a rate of one gallon mixed spray solution to 200 sq. ft. of garden area or up to two gallons mixed spray solution to a large tree. Thoroughly wet foliage to the point of runoff, taking care to cover all plant surfaces. Agitate the container of mixed spray solution regularly during application to maintain an adequate suspension. Begin the application at the first sign of disease and repeat at 7-14 day intervals as needed. Use shorter interval during periods of frequent rain or when severe disease conditions persist.


How Much Do I Need?
The application rates vary according to tree type and disease intensity, but in general 1 Pint of Liquid Concentrate will treat 5-6 large trees. Full dosage recommendations are included on the label.


What Does It Control?
A large variety of trees and diseases can be treated with Liquid Copper Fungicide Spray. The list below represents a small selection.

anthracnose, apple scab, bacterial canker, blossom and shoot blast, crown or collar rot, fireblight

alternaria twig blight, cercospora leaf spot

deadbud, coryneum blight, brown rot blossom blight

greasy spot, melanose, pink pitting, scab, brown rot

Date palms
pestalotia leaf spot


rhabdocline needlecast

European fan palms
pestalotia leaf spot

Goldenrain trees
bacterial leaf spot

bacterial leaf spot

xanthomonas leaf spot

cercospora leaf spot

Live oaks
ball moss

bacterial leaf spot, anthracnose, algal leaf spot

bacterial leaf spot

bacterial spot, blossom brown rot, leaf curl, shot hole

fireblight, blossom blast

shuck and kernel rot, zonate leaf spot

botrytis blight

Queen palms
exosporium leaf spot, phytophthora bud rot

alternaria leaf spot

powdery mildew, black spot


anthracnose, bacterial blight, many leaf spot infections, downy mildew

walnut blight

Washingtonia palms
pestalotia leaf spot

bacterial leaf spot


What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • This product may be reactive on metal and masonry surfaces such as galvanized roofing. AVOID contact with metal surfaces. Do not spray on cars, houses, lawn furniture, etc.
  • As with all chemical sprays, it is highly recommended that you test spray a small area of the plant you are treating for sensitivity. This product may cause some discoloration of foliage and/or blossoms.
  • As with all pesticides, be sure to read all product labeling carefully before use.

Not available in Canada.