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TreeHelp Iron Spike

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TreeHelp Iron Spike

16% Iron Sulfate

If your tree's leaves are yellowing out of season, it may be as a result of iron deficiency. TreeHelp Iron Spikes can bring back a lush, green color to your tree's foliage.

Why Do I Need TreeHelp Iron Spikes?

Iron is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll and its presence ensures green, lush trees and ornamental plants. When it is deficient in the soil, a condition known as "iron chlorosis" results. Leaves affected by iron chlorosis turn yellow while the veins remain dark green. If this condition continues, the leaves may turn white or brown and the tree may die. Sometimes the whole tree is affected, sometime only a few parts. If you see this type of yellowing, you should treat your tree with TreeHelp Iron Spikes.

How Do TreeHelp Iron Spikes Work?

When placed in the ground around the tree, TreeHelp Iron Spikes simultaneously release Iron and alter the pH level of the soil in order to make the iron accessible to the tree. The tree is then able to synthesize more chlorophyll and the leaves will become greener. Positive results can be seen 30-90 days from the time of the application, but the full effect is normally apparent the following growing season.

What Trees Can Benefit?

Most landscape trees and shrubs are affected by iron chlorosis and therefore can benefit from TreeHelp Iron Spikes. Particularly susceptible are: pin oak, silver maple, baldcypress, crabapple, sweet gum, white pine, elm, London planetree, cottonwood, walnut, sugar maple, Eastern redcedar, Bradford pear and willow.

How Much Do I need?

Use approx. 1 spike per 5 inches of trunk circumference (measurement around the trunk). A medium-sized tree would typically need from 5-10 spikes.

If the symptoms are severe, increase the dosage.