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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are small brown or black ants, sometimes with wings and sometimes without. They are usually about ½ inch long and are seen in or around the house, often close to wood foundations and structures. A telltale sign of carpenter ants, termites, or other wood-consuming insects are piles of sawdust near verandas, wood windows, and supporting beams. Another common characteristic are slit-like holes in the wood.

Carpenter ants, like other wood boring insects, can be found throughout North America. They target damp, decaying wood and create large cavities in which they make their nests. Unlike woodborer insects, the carpenter ant does not eat the sawdust, but instead bores into the wood in search of sap, insects, and pollen. In addition to causing significant wood damage, carpenter ants can also inflict painful bites on humans and animals. As a colony grows and expands, it is normal for part of the colony to migrate to a nearby structure or home. It is very important for homeowners to take preventative steps if they are aware that carpenter ants have attacked a nearby home or building.

Recommended Steps to Control Carpenter Ants

To control Carpenter Ants in a localized area, treat the wood in that area with Monterey Termite and Carpenter Ant Control Spray. It can either be sprayed or painted onto the targeted wood.

To control the migration of a colony or to create a preventative perimeter, apply the Monterey Termite and Carpenter Ant Control as a soil drench, creating a three to ten foot perimeter around the building, as well as spraying the foundation of the building to a depth of about three feet.