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Slime Flux

The main symptom of slime flux (often called wet wood) is the oozing of sour-smelling sap from the tree's trunk, cracks and branch crotches. The sap is more prevalent during the spring and early summer when the tree is growing more rapidly. The sap drips down the bark and causes a gray-white streaking on the trunk and branches. The tree may also show signs of wilting and leaf scorch. Often insects will be attracted to the sap, but they are the symptoms, not the cause of the slim flux.

Slime Flux can be caused by several different bacterial infections in the tree's vascular system. Basically it is caused by increased pressure on the tree's vascular system due to higher levels of bacterial fermentation in the tree's heartwood. This pressure leads to discharge oozing through cracks and openings in the tree's bark.

There is no specific treatment for slime flux, but it is very important to properly fertilize and water the tree, as it is under immense stress from the infection. Often the problem goes away after a few years as the tree's vascular system becomes stronger. It is very important to focus on maintaining the tree's overall health, so that it does not become susceptible to other disease or insect attacks.

To improve the overall health of the tree, apply the TreeHelp Annual Care Kit. These kits contain appropriate fertilizer, mycorrhizal fungi and biostimulant, promoting root development and long-term vitality.

It is important to give the tree a deep root watering at least twice a week, and more frequently during periods of extreme drought. The objective of a deep root watering is to ensure that the water penetrates deeply into the soil, to a depth of at least 24 to 36 inches so that the entire root zone is hydrated.

For severe drought problems you may also want to consider spraying the soil around the tree's root zone with Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager. This is a unique and advanced product specifically designed to assist a tree in dealing with drought stress. It works like a natural magnet to hold water near the tree's root zone and keep the root zone hydrated during periods of drought stress.