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Earwigs are hard, flattened, reddish brown insects up to an inch long, with long antler-like pincers on their heads. Earwigs feed on a wide range of plants, ripe fruits, and small twigs. Young earwigs feed on the edges of new tender leaves.

Earwigs are nocturnal insects, feeding at night, and hiding during the days in cool damp places.

Recommended Steps to Control Earwigs

If you believe that your trees and plants are being attacked by earwigs, inspect them at night with a flashlight. To control for earwigs, spray the plants and trees with Safer's Insecticidal Soap or Bug Buster Pyrethrin Insect Spray. Repeat the spraying every seven to ten days, until the problem is controlled. Use Earwig Traps in the garden and indoors, as a way to monitor for earwigs and to capture them. To control for earwigs in the home, use Diatomaceous Earth and Safer's End-All II Miticide & Insecticide. To control earwigs feeding on trees, use the TreeHelp Bug Band to prevent the insects from crawling up the trees.