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TreeHelp Bug Band Protective Insect Barrier, 10 ft.

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TreeHelp Bug Band Protective Insect Barrier, 10 ft.

10-foot roll includes string and instructions.

The TreeHelp Bug Band represents a simple, cost-effective method to control a variety of damaging insect pests on your trees. 

Caterpillars and other crawling insects cause enormous damage to mature trees and shrubs by defoliating leaves and boring into the bark. The result is unsightly and can be fatal to a tree. Even if the tree does not succumb to the insects, they can be severely weakened making them more susceptible to serious diseases such as Dutch elm disease in elm trees and oak wilt in oak trees. 

You can prevent insect damage by wrapping your trees with TreeHelp Bug Band. It can be applied at any time of the year to control immediate problems. For annual ongoing control, apply one TreeHelp Bug Band in the late fall and another in the early spring to prevent many crawling pests from breeding and creating infestations on your trees.   

TreeHelp Bug Band is made with specially developed glue that remains effective after repeated exposure to heat, cold, and moisture - it will provide protection for months. 

What does TreeHelp Bug Band Control? 

Controls most insects that migrate on the trunk of trees including eastern and forest tent-caterpillarsgypsy mothfall and spring cankerwormcarpenter antsearwigslinden looper and bruce spanworm. These insects and others affect most species of trees including oaks, maples, elms, birch, magnolia, ash, locust and more. Because the TreeHelp Bug Band is a physical control, insects must try to cross the band to be effective. To determine how many kits you require, measure the distance around the trunks of your trees (circumference), adding about an inch for overlap on each tree. Doubling this amount will give you an idea of how much Bug Band you require for an annual application.

If the bark of your tree is especially furrowed, place aluminum foil or other stuffing between the band and the tree to prevent insects from moving underneath the band.