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TreeHelp Fall Fertilizer

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TreeHelp Fall Fertilizer

1.5 kg Bag
Treats one large tree or 2-3 smaller or newly planted trees

TreeHelp Fall Fertilizer is a high-quality granular blend containing high amounts of Potassium which is vital for root development. After the leaves drop, the roots remain active until the soil becomes too cold. As a result, the tree continues to benefit from Potassium well after leaf drop.

TreeHelp Fall Fertilizer also contains a measured amount of Nitrogen that is temperature-released. The polymer-coated particles will hold back Nitrogen as the soil cools. This Nitrogen remains in the soil throughout the winter. As the soil warms in the spring, the Nitrogen is immediately available to help the tree leaf out.

A common misperception is that trees should not be fertilized in the fall. This is not the case. Trees and shrubs can benefit greatly from the correct type of fertilizer application in the mid to late fall when the tree is entering dormancy. The key, then, is selecting the correct type of fertilizer.

Most "General Tree Fertilizers" contain large amounts of quick-release Nitrogen and promote fast, weak growth of foliage. This should be avoided in the late summer and fall because this new growth is often damaged in the winter. Winter damage can lead to slow-closing wounds and potentially invite insect and disease infestation. Quick foliar growth brought on by these off-the-shelf fertilizers also diverts important energy away from necessary winter preparation activities.

TreeHelp Fall Fertilizer is different - it provides the tree with the right nutrients at the right time of year.