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Slugs and snail are very similar to each other, except snails have a hard outer shell, which is not present on slugs. Both require damp, moist conditions in which to survive and, when adequate moisture is not present, they go into a hibernation stage, re-emerging once the level of moisture has increased. Slugs and snails are most problematic in damp, moister locations, where the population can grow quite large. Slugs and snails feed on plant foliage and place significant stress on plants by consuming plant tissue. Clear telltale signs that slugs and snails are present are feeding marks on lower-hanging foliage and shiny slime trains on rock and plants. The trails are a mucus secreted by the slugs and snails, and upon which they glide on as part of their movement.

Recommend Steps to Control Slugs and Snails

To control slugs and snails, scatter Safer's Ready-to-Use Slug & Snail Bait in the area. To protect specific plants, apply two circles of the product around the plant, about twelve inches from its base. When applying it, wet the area where it will be applied. The moisture helps encourage slug and snail feeding that evening and increases the effectiveness of the bait. For continuing control, use Oak Stump Slug & Snail Trapsduring the entire growing season.