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TreeHelp Birch Tree Manganese Supplement Spikes

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TreeHelp Birch Tree Manganese Supplement Spikes

20% Mn Sulfate
16% Sulfur

High pH is often a factor in the yellowing manganese chlorosis often seen in  Birch trees and shrubs.

Specially formulated TreeHelp Birch Manganese Supplement Spike contains a full 20% Manganese Sulfate and a full 16% elemental sulfur, which lowers the pH in the feeding area, creating an environment that assists in the plant's uptake of the essential chlorophyll-producing manganese.  The small amount of nitrogen in the Spike also assists with this uptake. 

Symptoms of Manganese Deficiency:

Affects the new emerging leaves, manganese deficiency causes yellowing and necrosis between the veins and a reduction in leaf size.  As the deficiency becomes severe, the new leaves wither and have a "frizzled" look. If not promptly treated, manganese deficiency will result in an overall health decline and can be fatal to birch trees. 

Benefits of TreeHelp Birch Manganese Supplement Spikes:
Specially formulated to provide manganese in a way your river birch tree can easily absorb, TreeHelp Birch Manganese Supplement Spikes will help bring your river birch tree back to health.  The spikes can be used for established and newly planted Birch trees.

  • Long-lasting
    TreeHelp Birch Manganese Supplement Spikes are slow-release and last for up to 12 months 

  • High Quality
    TreeHelp Birch Manganese Supplement Spikes have met the highest standards in terms of both raw materials and manufacturing.  Most importantly, they have been specifically developed for use on birch trees 

  • Easy to Use
    Just hammer TreeHelp River Birch Manganese Supplement Spikes into the ground around the tree and water.  Alternatively, use the TreeHelp Soil Drill to create holes in the soil and insert the spikes.   This has the advantage of increasing soil aeration and is easier to apply. 


How many spikes do I need?*
Tree Diameter
6 inches
(18 inches)
8 inches
(24 inches)
12 inches
(36 inches)
16 inches
(48 inches)
18 inches
(54 inches)
Recommended  # of Spikes** 2 4 6 8 10

** The number of spikes will vary according to the severity of the deficiency.