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Indian Meal Moths

A Indian Meal Moth infestation can be identified by the presence of small flour moths flying in or near areas where food is stored, or small worm larvae in cereal and bread products. The larvae normally appear as small brown or yellowish worms about one and a half inches in length. The larvae are attracted to damp or moldy grain products, but are also found in cereals, crackers, flour, and other products made from grain. The moths lay their eggs in cracks and crevices near food, such as shelving, cupboards, and pantries.

Recommended Steps to Control Indian Meal Moths

Dispose of any infested food and store all grain products in dry, tightly sealed plastic, glass, or metal containers. Clean all cupboards thoroughly. Treat cracks and crevices with Diatomaceous Earth to help control the spread of the larva. Use the pheromone-based Aeroxon Pantry Moth Trap to capture flying moths before mating and for early detection of an infestation.